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Collaborative, creative ways in

to academic writing

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Essay writing is just a written way to speak your mind, supported with strong examples.  Once kids have learned the basic structure, it’s fun and confidence-building for them to hear their thoughts laid out so well. It helps them support their positions in conversation, too!  And of course, it helps them do better in school.

All LitWits essay writing camps include collaborative activities, and feature props and projects that help concepts “stick.”

In Beginning EssayWriting Camp, we’ll learn the structure and power of the classic five-paragraph essay. We’ll write a group essay together, learning through fun, hands-on experiences. Every student will take home a copy of the collectively written essay — and strong skills and fun memories, too! Recommended for ages 8+. (Older students who aren’t familiar with the five-paragraph structure, or who need more practice at a basic level, are welcome—they won’t be the only older kids there, and our activities are geared to accommodate a range of ages simultaneously.)


In Advanced Beginning EssayWriting Camp, we’ll review the importance and parts of the five-paragraph essay.  Each student will write his or her own original essay through the week, learning through discussion, group brainstorming, and creative, kinetic activities. Recommended for ages 10+.


In all camps, kids will gain essential academic information in fun, hands-on ways:

  • Dramatic activities and games that show why certain techniques work
  • Sensory props to stimulate ideas and questions
  • Inspiring examples for emulation
  • Engaging projects that connect concepts with creative power

One of the important concepts made tangible through a thoughtful art project (this photo shows just one of the project’s five parts.) This project helped kids express their ideas — and find more!

By these methods and with in-class practice, kids learn

  • The structure of the
    five-paragraph essay – its importance and parts
  • How to outline and support a strong essay
  • How to engage the audience from the start
  • The art of transitions
  • How to vary syntax with punctuation and conjunctions
  • How to elevate colloquial language to academic heights
  • Proofreading tips
  • Ways to expand on the five-paragraph essay
  • And more!

EssayWriting Camp aligns with these Common Core State Standards.

Lisa Craddock holds BAs in Literature and Theatre, and a Master of Humanities in Film Studies with a concentration in Rhetoric (the art of speaking and writing effectively).  She has taught classes in literature, composition, and film for the University of Colorado, and her scholarship, essays, poetry, and plays have appeared in a variety of literary and academic venues.

Lisa considers it a privilege to homeschool her own four children, avid fans of LitWits since its beginning.  She’s led many educational events for the homeschool community, helping young readers understand themselves and the world through “living books.”  We’re so proud to have her on our team!

Cost:  The camp cost of $295 includes all supplies; children bring their own no-nuts snack. There’s a $20 discount for each sibling.  If you’d like us to send you a PayPal bill 30 days prior, please register using promo code BILLME.

LitWits Workshops is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School and Inspire Charter Schools.  Charter school parents, please enter promo code CHARTER to register, then request a purchase order.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 30 days before the event, you can choose a refund or makeup; within 30 days, you’ll get a makeup. (Use promo code MAKEUP to re-register, and please remind us, in the Notes field, which event you missed.) There are no refunds or makeups for no-shows. We hope that makes sense and seems fair!

LIsa Craddock LitWits instructor English courses and writing camps