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The LitWits Kit for PINOCCHIO by Carlo Collodi - LitWits Workshops

Essay writing is just a written way to speak your mind, supported with strong examples.  Once kids have learned the basic structure, it’s fun and confidence-building for them to hear their thoughts laid out so well. It helps them support their positions in conversation, too!  And of course, it helps them do better in school.

All LitWits essay writing camps include collaborative activities, and feature props and projects that help concepts “stick.”

In Beginning EssayWriting Camp, we’ll learn the structure and power of the classic five-paragraph essay. We’ll write a group essay together, learning through fun, hands-on experiences. Every student will take home a copy of the collectively written essay — and strong skills and fun memories, too!


In Opinion EssayWriting Camp, students will build on the skills learned in Beginning EssayWriting, and gain confidence in self-expression. They will employ critical thinking and writing strategies to focus their ideas, develop supporting information, and express an opinion with clarity. The opinion essay is foundational to more advanced genres, and meets CCSS/OGCS standards for grades 3-5. Recommended for ages 8+ who are comfortable with the five-paragraph essay structure.


In Informative EssayWriting Camp, students will build on the skills learned in Beginning EssayWriting, while learning an important new essay genre that enhances both creative and academic writing. Students will learn how to present a complete idea logically, relating pertinent information in meaningful, comprehensible ways. The informative essay meets CCSS/OGCS standards for grades 3-12. Recommended for ages 8+ who are comfortable with the five-paragraph essay structure.


In all camps, kids will gain essential academic information in fun, hands-on ways:

  • Dramatic activities and games that show why certain techniques work
  • Sensory props to stimulate ideas and questions
  • Inspiring examples for emulation
  • Engaging projects that connect concepts with creative power

One of the important concepts made tangible through a thoughtful art project (this photo shows just one of the project’s five parts.) This project helped kids express their ideas — and find more!

By these methods and with in-class practice, kids learn

  • The structure of the
    five-paragraph essay – its importance and parts
  • How to outline and support a strong essay
  • How to engage the audience from the start
  • The art of transitions
  • How to vary syntax with punctuation and conjunctions
  • How to elevate colloquial language to academic heights
  • Proofreading tips
  • Ways to expand on the five-paragraph essay
  • And more!

EssayWriting Camp aligns with these Common Core State Standards.