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Here’s a free travel bingo game for your kids!

Remember those cardboard travel bingo games with the little shades you could slide shut as you found different roadside items? When we were kids on a family vacation (as a family of seven, this was always a low-budget road trip) we spent hours in the back of our avocado-green Ford Econoline van looking for things now extinct, like “70 speed limit,” “service station,” and “silo.” 

Loading apples into the van for the cider mill (to pay for our road trip gas)

This low-tech but delightfully mechanical form of entertainment kept us busy when the books ran out, and put us in tune with the passing landscape and the world around us. Plus, it gave us something to talk to each other about besides arguing over the last bag of Fritos, or who stank up the place, or who started staring at whom, or who was taking up more than their share of that precious vinyl-covered bench seat.

The Phantom Tollbooth free activity

So with those fond memories, and in the spirit of sharing, we made your kids a bingo game inspired by one of our FAVORITE great books, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This book’s plot is driven (ha ha) by exploration, beginning with no less than a TOLLBOOTH, and our bingo game helps kids remember fun things from the story as the scenery slides by. 

So, are you ready to hit the road with Milo and Tock? Just download and print the game, grab a bag of M&Ms for prizes, and off you go! (You can laminate the game if you like, and take marker pens, so you can use it over and over again.)

Don’t forget to bring the book to resolve any arguments–about sightings, that is. Neither we nor Norton Juster can help you figure out who gets the final Frito, or who started staring at whom.

Becky Kimball

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