of LitWits literary fun

Here’s a glimpse of LitWits joy!


Everything we do in our experiential workshops is straight out of the story, so kids get to feel, taste, touch, see, hear, and smell what the characters did. While they’re experiencing, we weave in important discussion points and academic handouts. The results? Interest. Laughter. Empathy. Wide-eyed, “aha” moments.  And most importantly, the desire to read more great books.

Once we’ve held that workshop several times, we put our best ideas and printables into an online LitWits Explorer’s Guide.  Every guide includes at least 4-5 hours of fun for teaching ages 9-12: projects and activities, templates and prompts, sensory prop suggestions, takeaway topics, academic handouts, audiovisual links, and much more.

It’s everything you need, all in one place! Because we want YOUR kids to experience the joy of great books — and to read many more.

Available titles are in the sidebar and store, and you can see a free sample guide here.