LitWits Style Stuff


We’d love to have your help sharing what we’re all about!  Here’s our LitWits logo and style info, and how to use it the way we intended. (Such things are apparently called  “brand assets and resources,” but eeewwwww we don’t like that phrase AT ALL.  So we’re just going to call such things our Style Stuff.)  Please check out our guidelines, then download whatever you need. We appreciate your help getting the word out to lots more teachers!






LitWits logo only, 800x354

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LitWits logo with URL and tagline, 636x378

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Other Graphics

In addition to the branding graphics below, feel free to share images from our storeblog posts, and public web pages. Please browse around and help yourself! We’ve also uploaded creatives for some of those graphics to the Affiliate Area.

LitWits slogan, 3519x384

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It’s LitWits

LitWits is one word, plural, with no space between the syllables. Please capitalize both the L and the W, and make sure there’s an s at the end. We do turn our name into an adjectives and a verb and even an adverb now and then, but our company name is always LitWits. Here’s what our name means, and why we chose it.

Meet Lily LitWitter

Lily is the girl peeking over a book in each of our Explorer’s Guides.  She used to hate reading anything, let alone big old classics, but then her teacher taught The Tempest in LitWitty ways, and she found out great books could be FUN.  Lily represents the joy and success of our style of learning, so feel free to use her image to help promote what we do.

Lily LitWitter (right), 1600x376

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Logo and Lily LitWitter, 851x315

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Lily LitWitter (center), 1600x332

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Shopping Screenshots

Here are some screenshots that can help you show your visitors how to find, purchase, and access Explorer’s Guides. (Clicking on each image will expand it.)  For screenshots previewing a specific Explorer’s Guide, see that guide’s product page in our store.


To reach the store, click Explorer's Guides on the menu bar, or the big red button.

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In the store, scroll down to see the guide titles. For an overview and a free sample, click the green buttons.

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Hover on the cover in the store; clicking the title link will take you the product page. You can now add this guide to your cart, or view other guides.

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In the cart you can add more products from the sidebar, or proceed to checkout.

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Complete the checkout fields; you'll need an account to access your guides. If you're a returning customer, you can log in from this page. Scroll down to enter payment info.

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If you're a returning customer who's already logged in, you'll get confirmation as soon as you check out.

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If you're new to LitWits, after payment you'll be prompted to verify your email address before viewing your purchase.

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Once you've verified your email address for your first purchase, you'll be able to access your account and see your orders. You can leave a review from here, too.

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In your account, click to access your guide. Voila! Scroll down for the goodies, including downloadables.

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