How do we keep our literature workshops

joyful, real, and creative through a screen?  

We send our workshop kids   

LitWits Kits

Our literature workshops are a BLAST!  In fact, our creative, three-hour “field trips” through literature have been turning reluctant readers into avid enthusiasts for over a decade.  What’s not to love about making, tasting, smelling, inventing, building, re-creating, feeling, imagining, writing, and doing what the characters did?  

LitWits Kits are the supplies we ship to the kids ahead of time.

What’s in a LitWits Kit?

  • the book
  • at least two sets of project/activity materials
  • narrative arc and creative writing worksheets
  • a book-related snack

But that list doesn’t do our kits justice!  Check out the photographs at right for examples of these fun-packed boxes.  Kids get a personalized note on top, asking them to only remove (and read) the book. It also lets them know what basic supplies to have ready, and explains that we’ll open the rest of the box together in class in a “slow reveal,” as we talk and play our way through the narrative arc.


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Register your kids for our live online workshops; we ship LitWits Kits of supplies to each child.


Register your kids for our recorded online workshops–new for 2021! We’ll provide all printables and an easy-to-gather supply list.  Subscribe to stay in the loop.


Create your own LitWitty experiences for 45+ books any time using our Explorer’s Guides–rich, detailed web pages containing our creative teaching ideas and printables. You print the printables yourself, and shop for your own supplies.

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My Side of the Mountain - George - LitWits Kit teaching supplies materials

The LitWits Kit for My Side of the Mountain, taught in our online workshop on July 23rd.  From far left, packed in woodsy moss: the narrative arc and creative writing worksheets; authentic birch bark and marker for drawing botanical sketches; materials for making falcon jesses (leash is around the bark), the book; BookBites (a story-significant snack of venison, sassafras tea, and “acorn” pancakes and blueberry jam; clay for making jam pots as Bando did; a hawk feather; a slide whistle, and a template for designing a touristy rack card for Sam’s Hemlock Hotel. All straight from the story–or from Sam’s future!  Not pictured: personalized note to child. This workshop was based on The LitWits Explorer’s Guide for My Side of the Mountain.

The LitWits Kit for Johnny Tremain, taught in our workshop on June 25, 2020.  Clockwise from lower right: the book; a story-significant snack wrapped in The Boston Observer (with the pig ad!),  a ground linseed poultice in a muslin bag; spices and citrus in a secretly coded bag, plus Patriot Punch mix, for making what Rab and Johnny concoted for the Sons of Liberty;  a welcome note with instructions for the child; glue, watercolor paint set, template, paper, cardstock, and tea bag of textures for the Old Boston Map project (teaching geography, conflict, turning point, and lots more); in the center, silver wax, a tiny crucible, a candle, flagpoles (British and American) for designing and carving a maker’s mark (while we learned the history of marks, and the art of silversmithing), with an optional “part 2” to be done with a parent later; not pictured:  narrative arc and creative writing handouts. This workshop was based on The LitWits Explorer’s Guide for Johnny Tremain.

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