The LitWits garage is open!  

This new camp gives kids a writer’s toolkit for avoiding/fixing common writing mistakes. They’ll learn what makes sentences run well, and how to make basic repairs.

The LitWits Kit for DRAGONWINGS by Laurence Yep - LitWits Workshops

Like a snazzy car with broken parts, a great idea or story won’t work until all is in order. (It won’t sell to your audience or teacher or publisher, either.) Mechanical problems with grammar, punctuation, formatting and structure can cost kids academically. Don’t let them get stranded without the necessary tools!

In Mechanics Camp, we’ll give kids the basic tools they’ll need to get their work road-ready — and make the grade.

We’ll help young writers avoid/fix some of the most common mishaps:

  • subject-verb disagreement
  • improperly used commas, semicolons, and colons
  • run-on and fragmented sentences
  • contraction errors
  • lack of dialogue/paragraph breaks
  • misplaced apostrophes
  • incorrect pronoun use/order
  • confusion about using who, who’s, whose, whom, and that
  • common misspellings
  • misuse of words that sound alike
  • capitalizing (or not) improperly
  • and LOTS MORE!

 We inspire young writers in creative, kinetic ways:

  • sensory props that help kids remember abstract ideas
  • inspiring excerpts by master writers, for study and emulation
  • fun activities and projects that help concepts “stick”

Instructors: Becky and Jenny, sisters and LitWits founders. Jenny has a BA in English literature and an MFA in creative nonfiction and poetry writing. She’s been a K-6 teacher and a K-12 language arts tutor, and her scholarship, essays, and poems have appeared in several journals. Becky is a literature-based homeschool teacher and a journalism major who spent four years as a staff writer for The Register Pajaronian. Both Becky and Jenny are currently writing creative biographies of two fascinating Bay Area women of history.

Hours: 9am – 12pm, Monday through Friday

Ages: 8 and up. Our activities are geared to accommodate a range of ages simultaneously.

Cost: The camp cost of $295 includes all supplies; children bring their own no-nuts snack. There’s a $20 discount for each sibling.  If you’d like us to send you a PayPal bill 30 days prior, please register using promo code BILLME.

LitWits Workshops is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School and Inspire Charter Schools.  Charter school parents, please enter promo code CHARTER to register, then request a purchase order.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 30 days before the event, you can choose a refund or makeup; within 30 days, you’ll get a makeup. (Use promo code MAKEUP to re-register, and please remind us, in the Notes field, which event you missed.) There are no refunds or makeups for no-shows. We hope that makes sense and seems fair!