Author Ray Bradbury

Remembering Ray

by Jenny

Ray Bradbury was my literary hero when I was a kid, and he’s never left that pedestal. He was a passionate humanist, and because he was an authentic person, that humanism came through in every story. I’ll never forget, for instance, the way I felt when I read “The Big Black and White Game” in the early 1970s, and how it shaped my view of the evening news.
His style of writing, too,was such that you could feel the moment of creation in it, the enthusiasm and energy behind it, the way the story had almost poured out of him in a rush to express itself. Yet the sentences were so lyrical, the metaphors so unique, that his writing felt at once both utterly spontaneous and finely crafted. His stories woke me up to the world, and his style made me want to write — like him. I was (and still am) enthralled by  the wonderful way he used his words to show us who we are.

The world will hear your words forever,  Ray.  And we’ll bring them to life at LitWits whenever we can.            ~ Jenny

Jenny Walicek

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