Language Arts Classes for Kids


Jun-Dec 2020 Calendar & Catalog

We’re doing all workshops, classes, courses, and camps online (via Zoom) until further notice.

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This semester-length writing and literature course is offered both semesters, with a tutoring add-on option. This course will teach essential lessons through in-depth studies of literature, supplemented by music, film and art. It’s for ages 13+, and is taught by Lisa Craddock. Foundations is a-g approved for grades 9-10, and will meet California language arts standards, including essay writing.

If you’re interested in Chronicles, our a-g approved American Lit course for grade 11, please email Mrs. C–we can offer that class in the afternoon with a minimum of 4 students.

REGISTER  NOW for Aug 31-Dec 7.  Use the same form to sign up for tutoring in academic writing, with or without course enrollment.

LitWits Writing Practice 2020

Writing Practice

This course teaches kids age 10+ how to emulate master authors. It’s taught by Becky and Jenny every other week for one semester at a time.

Creative writing camps

Both PoetryWriting and StoryWriting camps are all about encouraging creativity while conforming to proven structures. As we tell the kids, you have to learn the rules before you can break them! For kids 8+, taught by Becky and Jenny.

Structural and mechanical writing skills camps

These week-long camps teach foundational rules for all kinds of writing! For kids ages 8+.  EssayWriting Camp is taught by Lisa Craddock; Mechanics Camp is taught by Becky and Jenny.

Hands-on Holidy Fun with Great Books! 

In this half-day, online camp we’ll read excerpts from literature that inspire a handmade gift–then kids will make that gift, or something similar, and wrap it, too!  For kids 7+, taught by Becky and Jenny.