The beauty and power of language,

in five special forms

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From the LitWits Kit for THE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN by E.B. White - LitWits Workshops

Dates: Oct 5-9, 2020 – We’re sorry, but this camp has been cancelled. Maybe in the spring . . .

Hours: 9am – 12pm, Monday through Friday. This camp meets online, via Zoom.

Ages: 8 and up. Our activities are geared to accommodate a range of ages simultaneously.

Cost:  The camp cost of $290 includes all supplies, which will be mailed ahead of time. There’s a sibling discount of $20 per child.

LitWits is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 30 days before the camp, we’ll be happy to issue a full refund. Within 30 days we’ll refund 50%, as we’ve incurred per-child costs by then. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer makeups.

Instructors: Becky and Jenny, sisters and LitWits founders. Jenny has a BA in English literature and an MFA in creative nonfiction and poetry writing. She’s been a K-6 teacher and a K-12 language arts tutor, and her scholarship, essays, and poems have appeared in several journals. She’s the author of MINE, a creative biography set near her home. Becky is a literature-based homeschool teacher and a journalism major who spent four years as a staff writer for The Register Pajaronian.  She’s writing the biography of a fascinating Bay Area woman of history.

The act of writing poetry teaches writing skills that apply in all genres, as well as the art of concise diction, careful speaking and listening, and most importantly, empathy. It’s also mysterious, beautiful, and FUN!

In our online PoetryWriting Camp, poets ages 8+ will learn a classic form of poetry each day, each originating in a different part of the world.

To build and embellish those forms, we’ll help kids learn:

  • how to condense a powerful visual into a single word or simple phrase
  • the importance of rhythm and rhyme to tone and meaning; scansion skills
  • the emotional and literal connotations of fresh metaphors and similes
  • how to convey emotion and a physical description in a single word-image
  • the significance of objects in a poem; how symbols work
  • the power of their own voices
  • important poetry terms and their applications (put into practice)

And we’ll teach it the LitWits way:  making literary ideas tangible, sensory, and FUN!

We’ll use:

  • sensory props to vivify some of the world’s best poems
  • inspiring excerpts by masterful poets, for appreciation, study, and emulation
  • fun activities that show why certain techniques work
  • engaging art projects that connect us to our own poems’ themes

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We're sorry, but this camp has been cancelled. We may hold it in spring. Meanwhile, please check out our monthly literature workshops, our November EssayWriting Camp, and our Holiday (Literary) Fun day in December!