Who wouldn’t want to meet THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ?

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 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum


December 17, 2020 –  Ages 7-13 – Limited Availability
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After a Kansas tornado deposits little Dorothy and her dog in the magical land of Oz, she picks up with a scarecrow who thinks he lacks brains, a tin woodman who thinks he lacks a heart, and a lion who thinks he lacks courage. Together they journey the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City to seek the Wizard of Oz, who, exposed as a humbug, pretends to give them all what they want. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  is an adventure with a message of personal discovery, a story where the quest comes full circle:  not only does Dorothy get what she already has, but she ends up right where she started. (Maybe she never even left! Maybe there’s literally no place like home!)

We’ll teach this great book to your kids in our fun, experiential workshop!

It’s like a field trip to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

We’ll spend three sensory, creative hours doing what the characters and author did,  and learning all kinds of valuable lessons from them!  Kids have a blast opening their LitWits Kits boxes in class, removing each item step by step in a “slow reveal,” as we talk, work, and play our way through the story’s narrative arc.

In this workshop on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, kids can spin a tornado, find out what green courage tastes like, learn what Mr. Baum might have meant by “the yellow brick road,” take a look at the world through green-tinted spectacles (which they’ll create, wizard-like), write more accurate directions to the Emerald City, and most importantly, learn that they too already have what they need to succeed — and so much more!


The Details

Ages:  7-13

When: Thursday, December 17th – SOLD OUT  your choice of AM (9am-12pm PST)  or PM (1pm-4pm PST, for all ages)

Format:  We’ll do this on Zoom, which has been working GREAT so far! Trust us, those three hours just–well, zoom by.  And yes the kids will get to stretch, and do some things away from the screen.  Our meetings are password-protected, and we’ve taken precautions to prevent intrusions.

Prep:  None!  About 10 days prior, we’ll ship a LitWits Kit (a box containing the book and workshop supplies) to each registered child; all s/he needs to do is read the book (or listen to it). The confirmation email will include the Zoom link and other details.

Cost:  $65 for one child, or $55 if you’re registering more than one in the same session. Cost includes a LitWits Kit of everything needed for your child to participate. The box will contain:

  • the book (unpack this, then set the box aside until the workshop)
  • a personalized note to your child
  • narrative arc and creative writing worksheets
  • a book-related, nut-free snack
  • all project materials and supplies except the most basic (like crayons and scissors)
  • anything else we decide to add at the last minute!

LitWits is an approved vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 30 days before the workshop, we’ll be happy to issue a full refund. Within 30 days we’ll refund 50%, as we’ve incurred per-child costs by then. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer makeups.


. . . OR you can teach it yourself, with our LitWits Kit supplies and Explorer’s Guide!

Want to TIY? We’ll make it easy and fun!

The same LitWits Kits of supplies and materials that we send to our workshop kids can be purchased for $39 each, including first class shipping and handling. Your LitWits Kit(s) will ship no later than December 7th; please note that kit orders are nonrefundable. Once we’ve finished teaching, we’ll send you our fine-tuned, kid-tested workshop agenda.

Besides your LitWits Kit(s),  you’ll get FREE access to The LitWits Explorer’s Guide for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, an $18 value. It’s a private web page packed with everything we did in our live workshop for this book, before the virus sent us online.  There are a few things in there we can’t do via Zoom, but you can do them at home.  The guide (which includes a printable version) will give you more fun activity ideas, worksheets, discussion starters, prop suggestions, and links to audiovisual and learning resources.  We’ll also invite you to a day-after-the-workshop live Q&A on Zoom.

If you enjoy gathering your own supplies (we sure do!) or are keeping an eye on costs (we sure are!) you can just buy access to the guide, of course.


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