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About the story

The subtitle to All Creatures Great and Small, “The Warm and Joyful Memoirs of the Worlds Most Beloved Animal Doctor,” says it all! As a young veterinarian in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930s, James Herriot’s life wasn’t easy — but his heartwarming, comical, interactions with animals and their owners make a rich, entertaining story. In his autobiography, Herriot shows us that the reality of a rural vet’s life is in sharp contrast to the sterile setting of veterinary school! His appointments might be heart-wrenching, hilarious, or inspiring, and his clients might be dour, grateful, or kind, but they all help him learn who he is—and why he’ll stick with this difficult, rewarding career. Whether your kids are up for this book or a more “kid-friendly” collection of Herriot’s stories, they’ll appreciate his humor, work ethic, and compassion, as well as the setting, people, and animals of Yorkshire. 

About the LitWits Explorer’s Guide

Experience All Creatures Great and Small with your students in fun, meaningful ways! Your kids can get into Dr. Herriot’s shoes — er, Wellingtons — and explore the real life of an English country vet! They can relay through the country in the dead of night to save (stuffed) animals, taste that not-really-pudding he loved so much, decode broad Yorkshire dialect, smell turpentine and Epsom salts, identify all-too-sensory props that bring career choices to life, create symbolic collages, and so much more!

LitWits Explorer’s Guides are private web pages that include creative and academic downloadables. This lesson planning resource is ideal for ages 8-12, but it’s highly adaptable. Scroll down to get more details and a free idea with template.



Product Description

Straight-from-the-story fun with The LitWits Kit for ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL by James Herriot - LITWITSThe LitWits Explorer’s Guide for All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

Everything in this “experience guide” comes from our unique sensory workshop on All Creatures Great and Small. It’s packed with hands-on ways to get into the characters’ shoes. When kids see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and DO what the characters did, they understand more. Better yet, they want to read more.

LitWits Explorer’s Guides are web pages packed with downloadables — templates, activity aids, academic handouts, and more. (Here’s a sample, for a different book.) Because our guides live online, we can link you to useful info and audiovisuals. And you’ll always have the very latest updates!

The LitWits Explorer’s Guide for All Creatures Great and Small includes:

  • sensory prop suggestions, with photos
  • creative project and activity ideas, with photos
  • printable templates, excerpts, and activity prompts
  • takeaway topics, to fuel meaningful conversations
  • printable handouts for creative writing, the narrative arc, setting, and more
  • research and audiovisual links, for one-stop prep and homework help
  • great quotes from the book, where copyright allows

This guide is adaptable to a wide range of ages. (See the Ways to Use tab for classroom and homeschool uses.) We find 8-12-year-olds consistently “ready to LitWit,” but you know best what your kids are ready for, interested in, and capable of.

Common Core Alignment
The LitWits experience of this book is jam-packed with carefully integrated lessons — but they’re embedded in FUN, so kids don’t feel “taught.”  At a bare minimum, the use of this guide helps meet these Common Core goals:

THIRD GRADE Common Core Alignment
FOURTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
FIFTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
SIXTH GRADE Common Core Alignment

Please note that LitWits® is a registered trademark of LitWits Workshops, LLC.  All LitWits Explorer’s Guides are copyrighted and may be used for non-commercial educational purposes only.

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