Little Women

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About the story

Set in New England during the American civil war, Little Women is the story of the four March sisters and their struggles to overcome their character flaws. For Meg that flaw is vanity; for Jo, temper; for Beth, shyness; and for Amy, selfishness. From one Christmas to another, hrough hardships and escapades, and under the loving guidance of their “Marmee,” we watch them mature and conquer their flaws in heartwarming ways.

About the LitWits Kit

Experience Little Women with your students in fun, meaningful ways! Your kids can borrow Amy’s paintbrushes to design a new cover , show care for homesick soldiers from a distance (as Marmee did), taste Victorian sweets that represent turning points, listen to Victorian piano music Beth might have played, learn about the Civil War, try on a wig made of Jo’s “one great beauty,” rewrite a burnt fairy tale, make up “Rigamaroles,” untangle Amy’s vocabulary blunders, keep Marmee’s treasures safe, ponder the effects of sacrifice on character growth, and so much more!

LitWits Kits are web pages that include a printable PDF version. This lesson planning resource is ideal for ages 8-12, but it’s highly adaptable. Scroll down to get more details and a free idea with template.


Product Description

The LitWits Kit for LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott - LITWITS

The LitWits Kit for Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Everything in this “experience kit” comes from our unique sensory workshops on Little Women. It’s packed with hands-on ways to get into the characters’ shoes. When kids see, feel, hear, taste, smell, and DO what the characters did, they understand more. Better yet, they want to read more.

LitWits Kits are web pages packed with downloadables—templates, activity aids, academic handouts, and more. (Here’s a sample, for a different book.) Because our kits live online, we can link you to useful info and audiovisuals. And you’ll always have the very latest updates! A PDF version is included for easy printing.

The LitWits Kit for Little Women includes:

  • sensory prop suggestions, with photos
  • creative project and activity ideas, with photos
  • printable templates, excerpts, and activity prompts
  • takeaway topics, to fuel meaningful conversations
  • printable handouts for creative writing, the narrative arc, setting, and more
  • research and audiovisual links, for one-stop prep and homework help
  • great quotes from the book, where copyright allows

Want a glimpse of our sensory style? Scroll down to get a free idea and template!

This kit is adaptable to a wide range of ages. (See the Ways to Use tab for classroom and homeschool uses.) We find 8-12-year-olds consistently “ready to LitWit,” but you know best what your kids are ready for, interested in, and capable of.

Common Core Alignment
The LitWits experience of this book is jam-packed with carefully integrated lessons — but they’re embedded in FUN, so kids don’t feel “taught.”  At a bare minimum, the use of this kit helps meet these Common Core goals:

THIRD GRADE Common Core Alignment
FOURTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
FIFTH GRADE Common Core Alignment
SIXTH GRADE Common Core Alignment

Please note that LitWits® is a registered trademark of LitWits Workshops, LLC.  All LitWits Kits are copyrighted and may be used for non-commercial educational purposes only.

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We’ll send you our Setting Notes template, with a page of teacher tips. It’s a fun, sensory way to explore a story’s setting!

Here are a few options for classroom teachers and homeschoolers. Decide what works best for your classroom or family!

Pull projects, activities, and handouts as needed to stimulate interest, reinforce a concept, or take a break from reading.

Use a suggested prop to trigger a conversation. Ask your kids if they know what the item is, and why it’s significant in the story. You might discover a theme together!

Casually bring up a question from a handout at recess or over dinner, and let the discussion grow from there. Take advantage of tangential learning opportunities!

Do the projects and activities as the book is being read, or after as a reward.

Use one or more prop ideas to support specific learning goals, such as spelling or social studies.

Have your kids research a particular prop in more depth – learn its history and usage, and write a report.

Enjoy the arts and crafts projects as a family or in an after-care group.

Set up the book display in the classroom or living room, and invite your kids to contribute their own story-related items each day.


Please note that LitWits® is a registered trademark of LitWits Workshops, LLC.  All LitWits Kits are copyrighted and may be used for non-commercial educational purposes only.

2 reviews for Little Women

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charlotte VanDeusen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the kit and can’t wait to dive in with my girls this year! They each got a copy that they picked out of Little Women so we can all follow along together as we read. We will be officially starting in two weeks! Thank you for putting together such a great resource!

    • Jenny

      Charlotte thank you so very much for your review — we really appreciate your enthusiastic, kind words. We’d love to see pictures of your experience! It’s so heartwarming to see kids doing “our” thing with a great book, and we also love seeing the creative spin parents put on our ideas. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here!

  2. Rated 2 out of 5

    katherineteaches (verified owner)

    I wanted to much to love this! But I don’t. At all. I love the sisters who run the LitWits sight and wanted to support them, but this is NOT worth $18.00! Maybe $5.00-$6.00. I feel kinda ripped off. I really thought I had found a great resource, but many of the links did not work and I could have easily found more activities on my own I think. I may try one more kit just to see if it is just this one kit that was a bad purchase. But if my second one is as bad as this one, I won’t be back. I will still wish them luck though, because I Iove the books they have chosen and I think they are passionate about literature, but for me this kit was not really helpful at all. I don’t even think there is one thing in it I can use. Maybe a worksheet?

    • Jenny

      Aw Katherine we’re so very sorry to hear that. It’s frustrating to not get what you thought you were getting, and of course we’ve refunded your $18, and would like to offer you any free kit using coupon code Katherine052219. We went through the kit again and are genuinely puzzled by your comments–it sure would be helpful to know what you were looking for that you didn’t find. (We did discover a half-dozen Learning Links that weren’t working–mostly because the Louisa May Alcott site changed its URL–and we’re sorry about that. They’re fixed now.) Thank you for recognizing our passion for literature, and our sincere desire to be of service to teachers. The last thing we’d want to do is waste your time and money.

      As we’ve never actually had a bad review (on any kit) before, we’d like anyone reading this to please access this kit for FREE with coupon code FREE052219 through July 30, 2019, and let us know your thoughts. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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