StoryWriting Camp

The narrative arc, taught and recreated

in sensory, hands-on ways

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In StoryWriting Camp we learn how to craft a story like “real” authors — who are no more “real” than ourselves!  Really!

Kids ages 8+ spend the week following a narrative arc, setting scenes by showing vs. telling, building tension by focusing on just the right details, creating credible dialogue, and more. And we do it all the LitWits way: making big literary ideas tangible, sensory, and FUN!

Here’s a huge list of amazing things learned,and CCSS  met while “just” having creative, memorable fun!


 We inspire young writers in creative, kinetic ways:

  • Sensory props from great stories: sounds, tastes, odors, objects, and images
  • Inspiring excerpts by masterful storytellers
  • Fun activities and games that show why certain techniques work
  • Engaging art projects that connect us to our own characters and stories

While having all that hands-on fun, we learn

  • Narrative arc components and pacing
  • Powerful description techniques
  • How to effect mood and tone
  • Interesting characterization methods
  • How to increase and resolve tension
  • Intriguing metaphors and similes
  • How to emulate the masters
  • The power of our own voices

Just look at all these smiling kids and their beautiful handmade books filled with their very own fabulous stories!

We’re always so impressed at how well kids followed the narrative arc, and so pleased that they pick up on the tips and tools we embed in our sensory props, activities, projects, and other fun.


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