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What I Love About LitWits Explorer’s Guides:  Can I say everything? I mean really. Everything I love about the idea of using living books in my homeschool is all brought to life with activities and learning activities all planned out for you. It takes a ton of planning off my plate and leaves more time to actually enjoy the experience right along with my kids! [ . . . ]  Did I mention how much I’m enjoying these guides? Because I like everything to do with reading great classics and turning them into real-life educational experiences, I thought our homeschool co-op would love to experience this as well! I decided to go ahead and start a book club where we would work our way through a few books a year all while enjoying the activities outlined in the guides.

From a review by Jessica Helgren, home educator and blogger at The Mommy Bunch

These LitWits guides save me a lot of research, because they hand me all the basic information I would want to share with my kids to help us all appreciate the book fully–about the author, the time and location in which the story took place, details explained, cultural and historical references explained, etc. They give just the right amount of information to interest kids but not overwhelm them (or the teacher!). The kids always enjoy the activities and they are overall easy and inexpensive. The best part of these guides, in my mind, is the handouts–the story arc, the writing exercises, etc. that get the kids really thinking and writing creatively. If you want your kids to engage with the stories fully–to really dive into the world of the books–these guides are an excellent resource.

A happy teacher

This is such a neat concept. I had never thought of all these amazing ways to make the books come alive! But if we can ignite a true love of great books in children when they are young, then really they can learn ANYTHING!

From a review by Jenny Underhill, home educator and blogger at Our Inconvenient Family

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful place for learning. I recently purchased your curriculum for The Phantom Tollbooth and worked with our small homeschool literature group. We loved it!!! I have referred you to many of the homeschool families. Thank you for what you do! You have inspired me to make each book a “field trip”! I am grateful.

Shani R., home educator

I could go on and on reviewing this [guide for Tuck Everlasting]. I loved it so, and I can guarantee you that as this review closes, I will be moving on to […]  All Creatures Great and Small and The Birchbark HouseI spent time looking at the LitWit guides for these two books and they are as equally exciting as the two we have already completed! Take the time to visit LitWits and spend some time time perusing their 40+ titles! You won’t be disappointed. Seriously! These are so great. You could honestly do this for the entire year. Pick a book. Do a guide for the book. Over and over again! Great literature and great activities to supplement it.

I am absolutely in LOVE with your site and your concepts! Bought [The LitWits Explorer’s Guide for The Witch of Blackbird Pond] to use in my classroom. [ … ] will definitely be using it all next year (especially blueberry cake!) with my 5th graders. I don’t teach Little House in the Big Woods (I do LHotPrairie), but the Chopped concept is RIGHT up my alley!! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do!

Harrow S., classroom teacher, 5th grade

LitWits guides are so comprehensive that they take the guess work out of exploring literature. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative homeschool mom or literature buff, you can still be successful with LitWits guides.

From a review by Crystal Sutherland, home educator and blogger at Our Little Bunch

Let’s face it, with multiple kids, at varying levels of ability, different ages, and interests it can be hard to find things that really work for everyone (momma included). This [guide for Charlotte’s Web] has done a wonderful job of helping all of my kids to get involved and really experience and explore [one] of these great stories. It’s about so much more than reading the book and knowing some things.

From a review by Abby Banks, home educator and blogger at Homeschool With Moxie/Making Room 4 One More

LitWits Explorer’s Guides help me immerse my children in the story and bring it alive for them. Thank you!

Rebecca S., home educator

LitWits guides are the perfect compliment to a literature book. They help to make the book come alive and make literature meaningful and unforgettable

From a review by Charlotte Gochnauer, home educator and blogger at Joyful Hearts and Faces

There are so many learning opportunities included in this one guide that we might choose to study it for weeks still! . . . LitWits guides are the perfect combination of literature and intentional learning.

From a review by Erika Leaf, home educator and blogger at Raising Leafs

Finally, literature curriculum that is hands-on and focused on learning through doing! I often stay away from study guides or worksheet-based guides because they take all the fun out of reading for the kids. This LitWits guide puts the fun back into reading and its hands-on suggestions help bring the book to life.

Linda D., teacher

These guides are a perfect way to dive deeper into a book to create a unit study. It goes well beyond the boring book club style of reading and answering questions. While LitWits guides DO that, they go so much further and create a whole mood and atmosphere surrounding the book. They let students act out some of the different parts of the story. They have children trying foods and doing activities that were done in the book. They’re transformed to another place and time to be part of the story themselves. I highly recommend these guides to anyone that wants to spruce up the literature part of your child’s language arts studies.

From a review by Jenn Land, home educator and blogger at Real and Quirky

I’ve used [several guides] to the great enjoyment and enrichment of my students. Thank you for helping my students to reach literary excellence, and for making literature their favorite subject!

Laura F., teacher, grades 5-6

Thumbs up to this sister duo! While doing everything contained in the LitWits Explorer’s Guides could be overwhelming, they have taken the work out of creating a fun study around a classic literature selection.

From a review by Laura O’Neill, home educator and blogger at Day by Day in Our World 

These guides give great ideas for creating a wonderful sensorial experience which, of course, helps to make the learning experience come alive and are better learned/remembered. Isn’t it wonderful how these experiences transfer over to other areas of learning and life? 🙂

Koren W., home educator

Your guides provide engaging activities and resources to save planning time. It takes hours of planning to pull resources. You ladies save me so much time!

Jenny M., teacher

I have really been enjoying your guides, keep up the good work! I love setting up visual aids/decor to aid the book, and your inspirations are great. Plus, the end of unit “celebration” is fabulous!

Amy S., teacher

One of the themes that the guide [for A Little Princess] focuses on is how much Sara chooses kindness and looks on the positive, possible side of life.  It is very much a skill that our culture doesn’t practice or celebrate too much these days.  As a parent who wants my children to be thankful and content in ALL things, this story and the various activities gave much opportunity to reinforce gratefulness. |  […]  As a product and curriculum resource, I highly recommend LitWits and their guide that are packed FULL of some great teaching ideas.  With our culture in a bad habit of cutting off some of the truly important things in life like nature, gratefulness, appreciating animals and so many others, we need more educational activities like the ones found in LitWits Explorer’s Guides.

From a review by Amy Butler, home educator and blogger at The Write Balance. (Amy has a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum, specializing in English Education.)

I love to read and want to pass that along to my son, and he needs more creative ways to be engaged with the books. This helps me by not having to think up things on my own. Thank you for making these wonderful guides!

Laura S., teacher

I truly appreciate LitWits guides! We are so excited! It’s exactly what we have been looking for!

Julie P., home educator

I LOVE the hands-on, sensory aspect of the guides, and how easy it is to pull out the projects or other parts I need in a particular week.

Heather L., teacher

When I first opened the guide, I thought…WOW. It’s so comprehensive and beautiful! It is much more involved and thorough than I ever would have imagined. It is visually interesting and appealing. . . there are SO many ideas for bringing this book to life! It inspired me to look at our other books and really pick apart how I could implement some ideas like this.

Julie O., teacher

This is such a great idea! I’m very impressed with the depth of detail and research that goes into LitWits guides.

Melissa E., teacher

After spending my son’s early years doing lots of interesting, hands-on unit studies around good picture books, I wanted something that would continue to draw him into the story in an active way. That’s hard to find for older kids! Last year, though, I stumbled across LitWits guides and we really enjoyed the two we tried! They included great activities and handouts designed to really make the kids think instead of just recalling details.

Jennifer G., home educator

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