We've put our workshop planning into guides, so YOU can lead kids through great books!

Explorer’s Guides are packed with everything we’ve done in our literature workshops that can be put on a screen or a page. We make it easy and fun for you to do what we do, in whole or in part.

Our straight-from-the-story activities connect to key teaching points.  So while your kids are having fun doing something a character did, they’re learning what that character learned.  That might be a survival tip, a gymnastics trick, a writing skill, a history lesson, or any of ten thousand things that are good to know. But most importantly, with your guidance, they’ll learn what they have to know:

That person got through something hard, and so can I.

Experience is the best teacher, second only to you. When you take kids through great books in hands-on ways, you’re teaching them for life.

Each Explorer’s Guide includes everything below:

  • sensory prop ideas:  see, hear, smell, and feel what the characters did
  • bookbites ideas:  taste what the characters ate
  • creative project ideas & instructions/templates:  make what a character made
  • kinetic activity ideas & instructions/prompts:  do what a character did (or might/should have!)
  • academic handouts:  learn the story’s narrative arc, vocabulary, setting, and more
  • creative writing handouts: write what a character wrote or felt
  • takeaway topics:  know what the characters knew
  • learning links:  learn more about what the characters’ world was like
  • audiovisual links:  see and hear what the characters’ world looked and sounded like
  • CCSS alignment:  check off lots of boxes!

Here are some tips for using our guides.  Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ, or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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We didn't just make faces - we learned about dodecahedrons, the etymology of the word, and the nuanced power of nonverbal expression! Thank you Norton Juster!
Making faces (12!), while learning some geometry, the Greek etymology of "dodecahedron," and the nuanced power of nonverbal expression! From the LitWits experience of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH

It’s amazing how much kids learn while they’re “just” having fun.  Here’s how and why!

We hold experiential workshops for kids in Santa Cruz.
Then we turn those workshops into online Explorer’s Guides.